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Establishing a regular car maintenance schedule is one of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps things running smoothly and gives your car what it needs to properly thrive. Plus, when you’re ready to sell your vehicle, a consistent maintenance record can make a big difference for potential buyers.

Our experienced automotive technicians at Speedi Lube are happy to perform comprehensive maintenance checks on your car. We’d love for you to become a lifelong customer and trust us with your vehicle maintenance for years to come.

What Maintenance Services Does Speedi Lube Offer?

Our Speedi Lube Package is your best bet for routine maintenance. With this package, we will replace your engine oil and filter, top off all fluids, adjust your tire pressure, and visually inspect your vehicle.

This package touches on all the most important parts of your vehicle: The engine, fluids, and tires. When we’re done with your maintenance service, you can rest easy knowing your car is in prime condition. It’ll not only be more pleasurable to drive, but it’ll also be safer on the road.
Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance

How Often Should I Get Maintenance on My Car?

We recommend you come back for your Speedi Lube maintenance package every three months or three thousand miles. Changing your oil every three months is a good idea to keep your engine healthy. Your tires also need regular attention to ensure they’re fully inflated and safe to continue driving on.

Our maintenance check only takes 20 minutes out of your day and doesn’t require an appointment, so there’s no excuse to put it off any longer. In addition to routine maintenance, we can also provide coolant and transmission flush services at recommended intervals.

Why Is Car Maintenance Important?

Getting regular car maintenance will keep your car functioning properly. Spending a few hundred in regular maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

When you don’t maintain your car, it will wear out faster. Regular maintenance ensures the engine is lubricated and operating smoothly. This prevents costly and potentially dangerous breakdowns. The last thing you want is your car breaking down late at night or when you’re on a busy highway.

Our professionals at Speedi Lube can provide regular maintenance and identify potential problems with your car before they happen.

When Can I Come in for Car Maintenance?

Speedi Lube is open six days a week to help with your vehicle maintenance. Our hours are Monday-Friday 7:30- 5 p.m. and Saturday 7:30- 3 p.m.

Want to come in for a service? Visit our shop today or give us a call at (802) 773-4446.

Our Services

North East weather and roads are known to cause vehicles a lot of abuse, preventative maintenance is important in keeping your vehicle running smoothly on the road. We offer a variety of preventative maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the seasons, keeping your overall maintenance costs down.

Speedi-Lube Package

Replace engine oil and oil filter, top off all fluids, adjust tire pressure, visual inspection of vehicle.

Brake service

Replace engine oil and oil filter, top off all fluids, adjust tire pressure, visual inspection of vehicle.

Transmission Flush

Remove and replace transmission fluid, visual inspection of transmission lines.

Transmission Filter Service

Remove and replace transmission filter and transmission pan gasket.

Differential Service

Drain and replace differential and/or transfer case fluid.

Economy Package

Drain and replace engine oil, replace oil filter.

Coolant Flush

Remove and replace old coolant, remove any debris, visual inspection of all hoses and components, proper disposal of waste coolant.

Air Conditioning Service

Remove and replace refrigerant, visual inspection of a/c lines and components, proper disposal of waste refrigerant.

Speedi-Lube 4x4 Package

Replace engine oil and oil filter, top off all fluids, adjust tire pressure, grease all fittings, check differential and transfer case fluids.

Fluid Film Undercoating

Application of Fluid Film to undercarriage, including frame, subframe, underbody, bed ect.

Engine/Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Remove and replace air filter, remove any debris from intakes.

Battery Service

Replace battery, clean connectors, coat terminals properly dispose of old battery.